Telecommunications Opportunities

Throughout the Balkans, telecommunication revenue accounts for more than 5% of nominal GDP, while in CET and Western Europe it is more like 2-2.5% of GDP.

The GSM market will account for 70% of all telecom revenue in 2015. Although Greece highest GDP per capita in the region, as well as the highest telecom revenue, investors must weigh up both the unstable macroeconomic environment  and political landscape before considering any investments. There are a number of distressed opportunities within this sector in Greece, which for the right investor could present tremendous value.

The fastest growing segments throughout the 2010-2015 period are IPTV, fixed broadband Internet access and mobile data  and this is across most markets, with mobile voice being the biggest segment of the Balkans total telecom revenues.

With the continued rapid growth of mobile devices, consumers are looking for more value added services with innovating solutions in areas like e-banking and mobile payment.

Most Balkan countries will see increased investments in new access technologies in both fixed as well as GSM segments, as they fall behind Western European and most CEE countries.

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