CalErin and its partners have been responsible for some of the region’s biggest deals over the last 18 years. We are the first Investment Management & Advisory firm to offer investors direct access to a broad range of emerging economies and one where we have a local presence and an extensive network of municipality, state, and corporate leaders.
CalErin believes there is enormous potential in a number of Balkans, CEE , and other emerging markets, where we have recognized and developed opportunities which other Investors have followed, but not ventured first.

Romania Moldova Direct Fund

Ambassador Michael Ussery was Co-founder of the Romania Moldova Direct Fund (RMDF). Ambassador Ussery served as Chairman of the Advisory Board after helping raise $30 ml, including funds from the World Bank IFC, US and DEG a German Government company. RMDF acquired five distressed companies and successfully turned around four of the companies including Rompetrol. In August 2007, the Kazakh company KazMunayGas acquired 75% of the Rompetrol shares, and the remaining 25% shares in 2009 for a combined US$ 2.7 billion.

US Software Company

Raised $5 million for Advantiv, a software company in the U.S.

$500 million of U.S. Government financing

Advisor to CMS Energy in its 1,300 MW coal fired power plants in Morocco, and assisted CMS in organizing over $500 million of U.S. Government financing.

$1.2 million - D'Sal Inc

Organized $1.2 million investment for D’Sal Inc

Secured $42 Million Grant and $8 Million in Donations.

Headed the planning for the American University of Afghanistan, helped secure a $42 million grant and $8 million in individual and corporate donations for the University, which is now in its 9th year. Ambassador Ussery is Chairman of The Council for American Universities worldwide (CAUA).

$17 Million - Netcare

Part of the team that put together a $17 million investment package to establish a joint venture with Netcare of South Africa.

$5.7 Million Safi Apparel

Raised $2.7m in financing for the creation of Safi Apparel, Ambassador Ussery serves on the Board of Directors today. Assisted in obtaining $3 million in additional financing in 2011, and working at present on an equity investment for expansion

Teocelo - Board of Directors

Member of the Board of Directors of Teocelo, a U.S. public stock company, arranged a $32 million in investments and assisted in more than $50 million.

Safe Security - Board of Directors

Member of the Board of Directors, Ussery and another Director negotiated the sale of Safe Security for $9.2

Board of Directors of Mongolia Holdings

Ambassador Ussery is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mongolia Holdings, a U.S. public stock company, closed on $10 million equity and a $40 million debt / line of credit package.

US Healthcare European Roll Out

CalErin is Advisor & Investor partner of a leading US Healthcare company, and its European roll out.

Regional Bank Buyout

CalErin is Advisor & Investor partner to a European led consortium in the buyout of a Regional Bank.

Large Scale Hydro Projects

CalErin is the lead Advisor to one of China’s leading Electricity conglomerates. CalErin is acting as it business development arm in the Balkans and CEE. Currently we are in the process of facilitating BOT agreements, for large scale Hydro projects.