Throughout the emerging markets, infrastructure investment and its development is a top priority for governments. In order to sustain FDI, governments are feeling the urgency to develop new infrastructure which is needed to supply sufficient water, provide better transport links, housing, and power needs of their populations.

With aging infrastructure and ever increasing consumer utility costs the need for a cost effective long term solution is evident. Infrastructure projects are a huge undertaking, which carry a significant investment, as well as detailed planning and preparation. Greenfield projects are also scrutinised by both the public and political establishment. Governments throughout the emerging markets need to find innovative ways of financing these investments.

CalErin has significant experience in advising governments, state and private companies on both Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) and alternative procurement models. CalErin’s relationships and extensive network ranging from corporate leaders, company owners, as well as regional and state power brokers, allows CalErin to identify opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t be available, while at the same time providing a seamless
and transparent entry or exit from any given market.

CalErin advises both public and private sector organizations that require assistance in developing and managing large scale infrastructure projects.

Investment Opportunities

  • Getting a concession for Greenfield, as well as small to medium sized and infrastructure projects;
  • Taking over an already operating concession project;
  • The acquisition of companies with contracts to operate or maintain road, railway or port infrastructure;
  • Investment in new ports (yacht, cargo), as well as airports. Investment in enlarging of existing ports and airports;
  • Bringing new technology for infrastructure projects and establish new operating companies to develop this technology in every country;
  • PPP with state and municipality bodies;
  • Investment in infrastructure network (inter border) on Balkans;
  • Participating in EU financed programs for infrastructure.